Shade uv sensor promo code

shade uv sensor promo code

ultraviolet light from the sun and other sources may stimulate an autoimmune response. Now it's available for anyone to buy and try. If youre ready to get control of a main trigger for flaring in Lupus get this device, use it and share it with others.

shade uv sensor promo code

Shade, a new wearable, uV sensor designed to help lupus patients better control symptoms by determining and managing their.
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As a lupus warrior I try to overcompensate for what Lupus has taken from. As I wear it, it is a constant reminder to pay attention to my bodys cues when it has had too much time in the sun. From there itll warn you when you have been exposed to dangerous levels of UVA radiation. Apple HealthKit compatibility means that data can be viewed and stored alongside other health data that you may be tracking through Apple's Health app. In addition to measuring UV exposure, the app will also provide further insights into humidity, pollen and pollution levels. Dumont has focused on with the creation of Shade.