Coupon material definition

coupon material definition

are used to help the business stand out from its competitors, attract customers and increase sales. One of a set of small certificates that may be detached from a bond certificate and redeemed for interest payments. Coupon (koopn, kyoo-). (Banking Finance) one of several detachable cards used for making hire-purchase payments.

Click on any of the inventory items numbers above (in red) to check "super coupon" pricing, or click below for all coupon pricing. Actived: Saturday Feb 2, 2019, link: m/about definition. 1 beveled on both long ends. A code or detachable part of a ticket, card, or advertisement that entitles the holder to a certain benefit, such as a cash refund or a gift. Test Your Vocabulary, what did you just call me?! A detachable slip usable as a commercial order form. P-Numbers 115F, 34, 4149; as limited by F-No.

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