Coupon glitter lingo

coupon glitter lingo

held for future use. HBA Health and Beauty Aids. PP Purchase price or Paypal PSA Prices starting.

IP or IPQ Internet Printable Coupon. MCR My Coke Rewards. Once you print, you can hit the back arrow on your browser and refresh to print your second coupon.

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Coupon Policy The document and guidelines regarding the acceptance of coupons. NCB No cash back. Some stores will double coupons for.50 or less giving you a deduction of double that amount. Blinkie A coupon that is dispensed from a machine with a flashing light (hence blinkie). Kroger has several affiliate stores that go by a different name.g. NLA No Longer Available. Tearpad or TP A pad of coupons that is found on a store shelf or hanging in front of a store shelf. Category of products or section of store related to non-food, including shampoo, lotion, etc Hopster or Hopster coupon Hopster offers printable manufacturer coupons. Learn Mor e SIL Son in Law Abbreviation usually used in comments or message boards Smartsource see SS below SMH Shaking my head Chat lingo usually used in comments or message boards SMP specially marked package snap Snap is a free smart phone cash back. Top Ibotta Ibotta is a Free smart phone app users earn cash for products purchased. If you have any suggestions or questions on a Coupon abbreviations term that we have not covered, please feel free to mention them in the comments.50/1, 1/1, fifty cents off one item, one dollar off one item, etc 1/2, 2/2, one dollar off 2 items. Coupon, lingo that you will see on this site and other related sites, in stores and store ads, in blogs, chat rooms and forums.

coupon glitter lingo

Coupon, abbreviations and, lingo. There are so many coupon terms, couponing abbreviations and slang words used in the world of couponing that it can get quite confusing. These couponing terms and. Coupon abbreviations seem like another language when youre just starting out. Getting tongue tied by vocabulary?